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Sicily 2018

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Having been the crossroads of civilisations for millennia, Palermo delivers a heady, heavily spiced mix of Byzantine mosaics, Arabesque domes and frescoed cupolas.

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If it weren’t called Corleone, this small, quaint town would appear as one of many others of the Sicilian hinterland - groups of elderly people strolling in a semi-deserted square, rows of low sand-coloured houses and a 16th-century church on the highest hill.

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Beautiful Cefalù. One of Siciliy's finest beaches side-by-side with one of its greatest Arab-Norman architectural masterpieces.

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Palermo's Opera

Teatro Massimo. Taking over 20 years to complete, Palermo's neoclassical opera house is the largest in Italy and the second-largest in Europe.

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