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From Camogli to San Fruttuoso

03 August 2019


Camogli, 25km east of Genoa, is most famous for its sheer number of trompe l’œil villas, its photogenic terraced streets winding down to a perfect cove of pebble beach amid a backdrop of umbrella pines and olive groves.

San Fruttuoso

The abbey was rebuilt in the mid-13th century with the assistance of the Doria family. It fell into decay with the decline of the religious community; by the 19th century it was divided into small living quarters. Today it has a calm simplicity and its charming everyday collection of ancient monkish things feels touchingly close and human.


Even the trees are handsome in Portofino, a small but perfectly coiffured coastal village that sits on its own peninsula, seemingly upping the exclusivity factor by mere geography.