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16 June 2011

Popayán is second only to Cartagena as Colombia’s most well-preserved historic town. Perched beneath towering mountains in the Valle de Pubenza, it was the capital of southern Colombia for centuries, before Cali overtook it.

Mercado de Silvia

On Tuesday, market day, members of the Guambiano community come down from their surrounding villages to Silvia to sell fruit, vegetables and handicrafts.

Almost all the Guambiano dress up; men in blue skirts with a pink fringe and bowler hats, women in hand-woven garments and beaded necklaces, busily spinning wool. They travel in chivas (colorful traditional buses) and congregate around the main plaza. The Guambiano don’t like cameras and may be offended if you take their picture; that’s the reason why is the only one stolen photo here.