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28 November 2021

The Valley of Fataga, a sumptuous garden of pine trees, a striking contrast to the peaceful and delicious spot made up of the well preserved little whitewashed village houses. These houses line narrow little streets that cross-cross the centre, adorned by a plethora of colourful flowers.

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Vatican City

11 October 2021

The Vatican, the world’s smallest sovereign state, sits over the river from Rome's historic centre.

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10 October 2021

A heady mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy's hot-blooded capital is one of the world's most romantic and charismatic cities.

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Roman Forum & Colosseum

09 October 2021

An impressive – if rather confusing – spread of ruins, the Roman Forum was ancient Rome's showpiece center, a grandiose district of temples, basilicas and vibrant public spaces.

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Kuala Lumpur

06 March 2020

A skyline punctuated by minarets, Mogul-style domes and skyscrapers; colorful, food-stall-lined streets shaded by a leafy canopy of banyan trees – this is Kuala Lumpur.

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George Town

02 March 2020

Combine three distinct and ancient cultures with indigenous and colonial architecture, shake for a few centuries, and garnish with some of the best food in Southeast Asia, that is George Town.

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01 March 2020

A thrilling cocktail of Asian cultures in Penang. It has long served as the link between Asia’s great kingdoms and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and Western Asia.

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26 February 2020

The peacock of Malaysian cities, Malacca / Melaka City preens with its wealth of colorful trishaws, home-grown galleries and crimson colonial buildings.

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Malacca Chinatown

25 February 2020

Malacca Chinatown is extremely picturesque and invokes a sense of nostalgia but the bigger attraction is the culture and even the people.

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Masjid Selat Melaka

23 February 2020

This gold-domed mosque overlooks the Strait of Malacca from its shoreside perch on an artificial island. Completed in 2006, the mosque's grand archways are panelled with stained glass. When water levels are high, it appears to float.

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