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Andaman Islands

28 January 2016

With shimmering turquoise waters fringed by primeval jungle, fantastic diving, and sugar-white, sun-toasted beaches melting under flame-and-purple sunsets, the far-flung Andaman Islands are the perfect Indian escape.

Ross Island

Ross Island feels like a jungle-clad Lost City, à la Angkor Wat, except here the ruins are Victorian English rather than ancient Khmer. The former British administrative headquarters in the Andamans, the island lost its vibrant social scene with the double whammy of a 1941 earthquake and invasion by the Japanese, but its ruined colonial-era architecture is still standing.

Havelock Island

Sublime silken-blonde beaches, twinkling teal shallows and some of the best diving in South Asia - this is Havelock Island.

Neil Island

Neil Island has its own rustic charm, with a lusciously green landscape of rice paddies, fruit plantations and coconut palms.